What is Essential Rewards?

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Essential Rewards is an “optional” monthly autoship program for wholesale members. When enrolled in Essential Rewards you get awesome perks like REDUCED SHIPPING plus you EARN POINTS to use on future purchases.

You can place only one Essential Rewards per month. The minimum to spend is 50PV a month (for oils $1=1PV), and you can cancel at any time. When enrolling in Essential Rewards you pick the autoship date as well as the essential oils or products you would like to receive each month!

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Essential Rewards FAQ

1. Is it free to sign up for this program?


2. What are the requirements?

You must spend 50 PV per month. PV = Point Value. For all of the YLEOs and supplements and other consumables $1=1PV. For other Young Living product the PV may be a bit less. You can find the PV value listed next to the wholesale price of each product in your Virtual Office and also in your Product Guide that came with your Starter Kit.

3. Can I change my order every month or do I have to order the same thing?

You can change the products in your Essential Rewards cart each month (as often as you’d like) and you can even change the shipping day as needed.

4. What are the benefits of the Essential Rewards program?

Points: For every month you are enrolled in ER you earn PV or points to redeem for free Young Living products! Months 1-3 it is 10%, months 4-24 it is 20% and month 25+ it is 25%. With your wholesale discount, that is almost 50% off the retail price! For example, if you are new to ER and spend 100PV you will get 10PV. This adds up quickly – imagine how many products you can get for FREE after a year on this program. It is far better to spread out your orders each month to achieve the 50PV minimum for Essential Rewards than to place a few big orders every few months and earn nothing. Plus you get reduced rates on shipping and a flat-rate shipping up to 5 lbs.

5. How do I know how many points I have accumulated?

Simply log into your virtual office. You can find your Essential Rewards point total on the Dashboard, as well as listed under your Essential Rewards account information. You can also call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515, or use their live chat feature.

6. How can I redeem my ER points?

You can redeem your points when placing a “Quick Order” and selecting ER points as your payment method. You then individually select which full PV products to use points. You can also call Young Living, or use the live chat feature.

7. Is there a max as to how many points I can redeem?

Yes, you may use up to 350 points at one time, and no more than 350 points per month.

8. What if I want to cancel at any point?

You can cancel at any time. If you do decide to cancel, please be sure to redeem your points first! If you cancel before redeeming your points, you will lose what you have accumulated.

9. Is this program required in order to be a Young Living wholesale member?

No! It is just a fantastic option for those that want to earn free oils, bonuses, and save on shipping.

10. Is this program required to earn commission checks from Young Living?

No! It is an optional program. The only thing required to earn commission checks from the people you share Young Living with is to spend 100PV in that commission period. But if you are spending 100PV to earn commissions then it just makes sense to earn 10-25% back to redeem for free oils right?  To learn more about the Young Living compensation model check out this explanation in under 10 minutes!

Ready to Sign up for Essential Rewards?

Simply log in to your Virtual Office and click on ‘Essential Rewards’ to sign up! You can also call Young Living, or click on Live Help if you’d like.

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to sign up!