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JenniferHalliganI’m Jen. I’m a wife and fur-mom living in beautiful Colorado! I’m also a literary publicist and the founder of Jen Halligan PR. When I’m not working with amazing authors I can be found my nose in a book, or learning new ways to use essential oils, or playing in the mountains that I feel lucky to have in my backyard!

I’m often asked what sparked my passion for natural wellness and essential oils… In 2008, my husband and I began making life-style changes to live with less chemicals and more natural goodness. Our first step was becoming more environmentally friendly (yup, we caught the go-green bug and didn’t look back!). Then we began looking at the labels on our food and were disgusted by what we learned… so we cleared out our pantry and started eating clean, real food (most of the time, anyway). Basically we started a domino effect…

The more labels I read on household products, beauty products, and medications the more I turned to natural options, and seeking companies I could trust. I feel fortunate to have found Young Living Essential Oils. I’m now obsessed with DIY beauty and cleaning products, and making natural remedies with these oils. Join me as I share some of my experiences here!

Thank you for visiting :). I love to get to know L&L readers! You can find me on Twitter at @JenHalligan, or feel free to join my Natural Living Facebook Group for discussion, recipes, and more!

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